I Would Change My Sign To?

If I had to change my sign here is the list of what I would want to be from greatest to least. These are my opinion, It would be interesting to know what other signs would want to be.

I'm a Leo.

1. Gemini

2. Sagittarius

3. Aquarius

4. Cancer

5. Aries

6. Libra

7. Pisces

8. Taurus

9. Virgo

10. Scorpio

11. Capricorn


Ok I know I LOVE being a Leo! I wouldn't want to be anything else.

List is just for fun

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    I'm a Leo too (shocking!)

    1. Scorpio

    2. Aquarius

    3. Cancer

    4. Capricorn

    5. Libra


    7. Virgo




    11. Taurus

    Source(s): Oh how I know this area too well. Great question. It's got me thinking now...
  • Violet
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    1 decade ago

    I'm a Leo. Personally, I wouldn't want to change signs for nothing! It's the best sign (in my eyes) out there! Though I do love Geminis and for some odd reason, I get along with a Taurus! She's my best friend and I love her to death!

    See ya,


    babygrlac2006 is 100% right. Ha, I know I'm going to get some low ratings on this, but OH WELL! Leo. Love them or hate them? Don't care!! :D Peace!

    Source(s): Boyfriend (Gemini) 2 years and 8 months. Absolutely love him! Best friend (Taurus) 5 years. She's the best!
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    I am an Aquarius, I wouldn't change that for anything! They really are the greatest. But if I had to choose a different sign, it would be Sagittarius, I just love their optimism and honesty and their thirst for life. I would not want to be any of the water signs only because they let their feelings get in the way way too much. I'm more of a logical person.

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    1. Pisces

    2. Aquarius

    3. Scorpio

    4. Gemini

    5. Taurus

    6. Sag

    7. Virgo

    8. Libra

    9. Aries

    10. Leo (pretty much too much of the same thing for me cuz i have 3 imp planets in leo)

    11. Cap (too much of the same thing)

    Source(s): I'm a cancer
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    Well since my sign has no real baring on who I am it doesn't matter too much. However I am a virgo, and all tho I dont beleive in the zodiac I am more like my sign than I'd care to admit. My moon sign is Taurus and rising is Scorpio. I like this combo because it means I'm extreemly stuborn, very sexual, and incredibly emotionally aware.

    All of witch would be true about me ironically. But If I were to choose any other sign it'd be gemini because its the sign for twins and I think being a twin would be cool.

  • Kate J
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    1 decade ago

    I'm a Pisces and I like being one. It's fun to have such an active fantasy life and be admired for being nice all the time. I admire the drive and confidence of Aries people and the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Sagittarians, so if I were going to change it I'd change to one of those.

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    I am a proud Capricorn.

    But, if I have to select, here's my list:

    1- Sagittarius

    2- Gemini

    3- Libra

    4- Aquarius

    5- Taurus

    6- Pisces

    7- Scorpio

    8- Aries

    9- Cancer

    10- Leo

    11- Virgo

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    I'm a Scorpio.

    If I HAD to choose a diff sign..here is my list.

    1. Pisces

    2. Cancer.

    3. Capricorn

    4. Aquarius

    5. sag

    6. Virgo

    7. Taurus

    8. Aries.

    9. Gemini

    10. Libra

    11. Leo

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if i could... i would want to be... hm...

    1. aquarius (that's what i am)

    2. sagittarius

    3. leo

    4. libra

    5. aries

    6. capricorn

    7. gemini

    8. pisces

    9. virgo

    10. taurus

    11. cancer

    12. scorpio

    not too into being emotionally intense... and all about having fun!

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