how do you get from alaska to california without a plane?

i want my girlfriend to come be with me.her mom says she cant,so she wants to runaway.we just want to be not sure if minors can buy plane tickets,so i need 2 know other ways for her getting here.give me sum help plz


me and my girlfriend want to be together,but she lives in alaska.she is a minor.her mom said no,so she wants ro runaway to come be with me.she is not able 2 drive.i just need 2 find out another way to get from alaska to california without a car or a plz

Update 2:

o ya...btw...i am a minor every1 that thinks im not,chill k.i am 16.neither of us can drive,but ya....

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    If your girl friend is a minor she should not leave home.

  • 1 decade ago

    Not a good plan Romeo!

    Alaska is very isolated although it can be accessed without the use of an airplane. The drive down is a great adventure, but then again you have to cross customs and immigration in Canada.

    The Alaska Marine Highway is the "two if by sea" route.

    Keep in mind that as you are both minors, you will be prosecuted not just by Alaska authorities but also by the California authorities.

    Be patient and wait. If it is love it will last the test of time.

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    If she is a minor, her Mom pretty much has the final say as to what her daughter's activities are going to be.

    Do you really want to be that selfish?Do you have any idea what that would do to her family and how worried they would be?

    I really hope you are a minor yourself who does not know any better because if you are not then, you are one sick human being and you have no business dating minors.

    It is also a really really bad idea to have a minor travel that far alone. You would be the one responsible if anything happened to her.

    It is an absolutely ridiculous plan.

    If she was my daughter.............................I'd rip you a new butt hole.

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    Swim, Drive, take a boat, dig a tunnel. I hope this was some help.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    map quest directions from juneau to los angles ca

    gonna cost u bout 500 dollars in gas to get there depending on wat u drivin

    btw her moms gonna be pissed and put out an amber alert u may get charged with felony kidnapping and transporting a minor across state lines.

    best bet is to wait till she is 18

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    take a boat

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