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question question quesetion!!?

if you may be pregnant is it possible that you dont enjoy sex?

beacuse after like 15 mintues it starts to hurt.

is it beacuse im prgnant or what???

adivce pelase.


im not sure i needd threapy. im pretty sure im pregnant or my hormones are all wild. so maybe that is it. LOL

but thanks?

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    no usually the increase in blood flow o the vaginal area makes you more i guess " turned on" lol. and it usually also makes it more enjoyable.....thats how i knew i was pregnant with my second is my high sex besides a missed period =) lol

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    It's all to do with hormones. They are running wild at the moment, but don't worry soon the 'happy hormones' will take over!

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    it could be your hormones, it could also be that your body is changing, everyone is differant, some enjoy it more while others are like "get the heck away from me i dont wanna do it". so it all depends on you. good luck!!!

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    no, there must be a sexual problem

    you need therapy

    i recommend this book:

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