Are they good live? Would it be ok for a 13/14 year old girl to go?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes they are ^_^ Defiantly worth going.

    Sure, if your small then you might want to stay out of the mosh pits though (which are everywhere) Most of the idiots don't care who they run over xP

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    Slipknot are easily one of the best live bands on the planet. Mosh pits resemble warzones. There are nine grown men onstage wearing masks straight from an 8 year-old's nightmare, hurling themselves around the joint. Sometimes the co-percussionists slam each other by the head into their drum kits. And wait for it..... here it comes.... the killer punchline.....

    It gives new meaning to the word "headbanging".

    Thankyou, thankyou, I'll be here all week.

    Anyway, back on point, the only way it would be safe for a young teenage girl to go to a Slipknot show would be if she went with four 7-foot bodyguards and a machine gun. Braving the mosh pit is damn near attempted suicide , even for a normal adult.

    During the bridge of the song "Spit It Out", the lead singer Corey, takes a few minutes to instruct the entire crowd to, and I quote, "get the f**k down on the f**king ground right f**king now."

    What ensues is sheer chaos in every sense of the word. The music starts to build and everyone knows what's coming, and when Corey screams "jump the f**k up", the whole pit in its enormity turns into a violent ocean of hurling bodies, flailing limbs and suicidal crowdsurfers.

    "F**k me, I'm all out of enemies" screams Corey repeatedly along with the thousands upon thousands of fans in attendance, followed by the chorus which takes you to an explosive finish.

    Sorry, it doesn't take much for me to go off track when it comes to talking about this sort of thing.

    Going to a Slipknot concert is an experience you will never forget. However, it's not the place for a 13 or 14 year old teenager to be.

    Do they even let youngens in the doors?

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    Slipknot is excellent live! There are few bands that match their performances and their energy while performing. However, I do not recommend a 13-14 year old going to a Slipknot concert. I wouldn't let my child go if they were that young. I know I'll get negatives for this but think about it. I'm a full grown adult that got sucked into the mosh and had my nose broken by some guy's elbow. I would hate to see what would happen to a 13-14 year old. They would be mince meat. The only reason I got out "un-moshed" (besides the broken nose) is because some of the guys were actually paying attention. One guy quick bear hugged me and walked me out. From personal experience, if you are going to go, get seats not floor if you are going to go that young.

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    Slipknot are AMAZING live!!! I first saw them at The London Arena . . . The one they filmed their live DVD at.

    I was 14 when I saw them there, and have seen them twice since with Slayer. I would absolutely recommend seeing them, and it really doesn't matter how old you are. You don't even need to stand in the crowd to have a great time, you can get the full experience by sitting upstairs or standing over by the sides. They are fantastic!!

    . . . . And rumour has it they've been talking about a new album which they hope to release late 2008!!!! YAY!!!!!!

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    Although I think they are an awesome band it would probably be a bad idea to take 13 and 14 year old girls to a slipknot concert. Like very bad idea. It is not an exaggeration to say they could get seriously injured if they are anywhere near the stage and if they are that far back its not going to be fun anyway.

  • Awesome live, but their live album 9.0. I seen them supporting Metallica in Ireland a few years back and the usual rowdy Metallica fans were mostly kept quiet!

    It's not a great environment for a 13 year old to go though, should be accompanied by an adult!

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    They're not even good to begin with and that's definitely a big no to take them to a concert too see Slipknot.

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    1 decade ago

    i dont know i havent seen them

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