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Evercrack, World of Warcrack, City of Heroine, Other Online Addictions?

I admit to being a game addict. But I can't be bothered to be devoted to one thing for more than a year at most. I just quit WOW after about a year. While I was playing it, it took up a lot of time. For me its the social aspect of MMO games more than the actual gameplay (which gets trite after awhile). Wondering what, if anything, is your online addiction? And what about it is addicting?

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    Yah, I had a Dance Dance Revolution addiction a while back. I played 16 hours a week - which is a lot. I lost 40 lbs because of it - woot! But then World of Warcraft came into my life and that just consumes all my time. And gained 20 lbs back. Boo! Unlike drugs where you need the drug, theres a point where World of Warcraft needs you. I get calls from friends, "Where are you? We decided to run this raid and need you now." Sigh.

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    I use to play WOW everyday, for nearly 2 years. I finally got bored with it though and have not been playing for a few months now. Now I am addicted to Yahoo Answers and Myspace! I like Myspace a lot b/c I get to keep in touch with friends but mostly because I like to mess with my page and put different layouts on it lol.

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    Once I unlock all powers and lvl that's pretty much it for me

    City of heroes took awhile, I should play it again I heard you can do combo with scrappers now, and dual weld

    And Meeting people is one of the most enjoying part of mmo

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    Mine are the free demo of Halo and WOW. I enjoy the gaming, but also the social part as well.

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