do the numbers on the shirt of the player means anything or tell his position or anything else ....?


Sorry cause this q may've been asked b4 but...

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    Years ago the starting 11 would wear numbers 1-11 and 12 and 14 were substitutes and "generally" number 1 was the goalkeeper, 2. Right Back 3. Left Back 4&5 central defence, 6&8 central midfield, 7 & 11 were right and left sided midfielders and 9&10 strikers. As I said this was generally and it depended on the formations used to where the player actually played. Players numbers could change from one week to the next and this is still the case "generally" for international teams however there are some exceptions. Today all club teams have squad numbers which means a player will have the same number all season. How these squad numbers are chosen is fairly random however the better players tend to have the first 11 numbers, again that is not always the case and there are notable exceptions (Henry 14 and Beckham 23 and Steve Sidwell wears Chelsea number 9!)

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    Lol we fooled a friend (a chick who knew NOTHING about NRL) into thinking that the player wearing number 1 (fullback) was the goalkeeper, like soccer. And that when the other team had a conversion, the "goalkeeper" would try and block the shot by jumping in the air. Ahh the memories. And yeah I like the idea ok keeping the numbers and being original. It would be so different seing players wear numbers like "57" and stuff. How high would they be allowed to go? Silly IMO. LOL Jules I shotgun 69 :) Benji and Farah combine are 69 ;)

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    SOme Of The Numbers are Just For Their Position

    For Ex Number 1 is For GoalKeeper and this number for goal keeper means that he/she is the number one player for the team and number one goalkeeper

    Numbers 2 , 3 and 4 Belongs To Defender

    9 and 11 also 18 and 19 are For attacker Or Midfield attacker

    10 is For legend and belongs to who is the legend but 99% best Goal Scorer wear this number

    number like 99 33 55 and ect has choosed by player and you must ask him what he means

    some of the rules are in our mind not in fifa book

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    No, absolutely not. You can have any number you want as long as someone else in the current team doesn't have it or its not a retired number. There are no rules about #1 for goalkeeper or anything else. Players usually pick their numbers based on luck and on the numbers used by greats in the past.

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    Players take number that they want,number which mean something to them...

    there aren't straight rule for number but number 9 in almost always wears stricker

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    I think u can take any number thats left....but mostly ppl take numbers to show their positions...Or R forced to take those...=)

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    No .

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