"my own button 1" not visible on yahoo toolbar. how do i fix this?

"my own button 2" shows up but not button 1. how do make it a clickable button/link if its not there?


The first answer below doesn't work, and i actually tried deleting the button a couple of times. I only see 2 buttons with check boxes for custom buttons on the "choose your buttons" screen. how do i add 18 other buttons?

Update 2:

yeah, i am using Firefox....

i wonder if i can use IE temporarlity to change my "button 1" then go back to firefox and see if its on my toolbar... here goes...

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    See if the toolbar knows about button 1. Click the settings button (avatar) on Y! toolbar, click add/edit buttons and look at the right pane for button 1. If it shows a button 1, click it and click the x by remove (at the top). The reason for doing this is that somehow Yahoo is not building the button for the toolbar and the safest approach is to clear (remove) the button. The new toolbar supports up to 20 custom buttons. On the left pane click Make Button and re-create your button.



    If you only show 2 custom buttons, then you are either using Firefox or an old version of the Yahoo toolbar under Internet Explorer. In either case you will see a pencil on the toolbar.

    For Firefox, nothing can be done. For IE upgrade to Version 7 of the Y! Toolbar at toolbar.yahoo.com to get more custom buttons.

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