HOW ARE THEY BETTER?! Speaker Question?

My father drives a 2002 Hyundai Sonata. The Speakers in them are amazing (like unbelievable). When i bought my car, the speakers were good, but not as good. Of course. he rubbed it in. So i went out and bought a new set of Alpine Type S fron t and rear's, along with a 400 watt, 4 channel amp. So we retested. His are still better! Remember that his stereo is completly stock, and mine is complete aftermarket, including an Eclipse 5500 (i think) headunit, which is like 50 watts x 4. His not only can play LOUDER than mine, BUT it can also reproduce alot of bass, without disturbing the sound. Whats in these cars, and how do i make mine sound that good. The speakers are EXACTLY the same size, cept i have 2 tweeters in my set. Is there like a hidden subwoofer, or crossover in his car, that mine doesnt have? HOW DO I BEAT HIM?! :(


Also, no subwoofers (unless theres one in his). Its supposed to be fair, meaning no tricks. so i cant add 2 12's or 15's.

Update 2: i read the answers so ill add a bit more

1. My sister has a WHOLE pioneer premiere system brand new in her car...heard it, its crap and doesnt come close to what i even have.

2.Boston Accoustics is crap friend has a magnum and they cant even handle the power the stock radio puts out.

3.READ headunit is 50x4...ADDED TO THAT is an amp thats 100x4 which is enough to power just about every top speaker besides MA Audios...

4. I have a tweeter system thats way better than any of the other sets, so why would i get the MB Quarts..every set has a crossover and tweeters...come on..remember...

5.Lastly...did that guy seriously say that alpines have no bass?...DUDE..the alpines beat so HARD that i had to have a 1 inch port hole cut into my trunt FOR THE SPEAKERS, so they wouldnt push out the cone...

My dads speakers do it better because it like changes the tone of the bass (lower dB) and even plays it clearly, like theres 10 speakers...someone gimmie an answer..fureal

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    ok short answer. Alpine speakers suck. they have 0 bass. take them back and get Boston Acoustic, MB Quart, Diamond Audio, or Pioneer Premier.

    second is get a amp thats no bigger then 50x4. amp the speakers, and i promise you, you will leave your dad in the dust. and your car will sound the way its suppse to.

    good luck

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    if u want to sound good its price and brand first head unit the best one will be pioneer deep deep bass clear Hi's when u turn it up it will be clear next subs 2 kicker l7 15inch 405.00 or 2 kicker l7 12 inch 240.00 if that's to muck go with the cvx subs and u still will hit like a monster 1 more thing amp kicker amp there one of the best maker sure your amp has the same rms as the subs u don't want to under power your subs do all these things and u will smash him

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    I used to have a car with an unbelievably good sound system. One day I was stuck behind a guy who was playing the usual boring hip hop. But it was so loud that it drowned out the classical Indian music that I was trying to listen to. So I turned it up to drown him out. Guess what? He turned up his crap, so I turned mine up. It ended up being a really good mix, but the pedestrians didn't agree.

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    Then get the MB QUART speakers im telling you they are loud with great sound quality

    gud luk.,

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