Psychology and Law Enforcement?

Can someone EXPLAIN how psychology is applicable to the career of Law Enforcement?

Thank you so much.

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    1 decade ago
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    Being in law enforcement you will need to have a good understanding of psychology because of the many different types of criminals and law abiding people that you will encounter, to make it a bit easier for you to understand think about what its like for you when you meet someone new? You wont realize the amount of psychological analysis that is going on in your brain in the first 2 or 3 minutes of meeting them, your brain will be assessing their every move,their body language, to the way they speak, how they come across to you as a person, a million different things, I'm sure you can relate to that can't you. To sum it all up though psychology is very important in the job you are talking about because you'll need to learn how human thinking works, and in some cases psychology will help you to catch crooks.

    This isn't a detailed answer by any means, psychology is a massive subject that covers every aspect of human behavior, but it doesn't stop there, even animals and insects are studied, the list spans far and wide.

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    A person enforcing the law (police officer, judge, etc.) often has to deal with criminals. Often times, to avoid potential outrages by the criminal, one must know the right things to say, and psychology training will help evaluate what the right thing to say is. Psychology is often used to receive answers from criminals. A smart interrogator has to choose his/her words very carefully if they wish to get answers.

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    It is applicable for criminal profiling.

    Learning how the criminal mind works can help law enforcement take preventive measures against future crimes being committed.

    It can also help in rehabilitating the criminal mind (if possible).

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