Two week wait--I need distractions! lol!?

So, I ovulated, we BD'd and it was great. But now what? Last cycle I immersed myself in looking at houses, but then I also looked at our credit. Eeesh. So now I need something to focus on while I wait to see if AF will show up. Any ideas? If it weren't for my false dreams of us getting a house any day soon, waiting would have driven me crazy. But now I have nothing! :( What do y'all use as distractions?

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    1 decade ago
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    yes you certainly need to do that...divert your mind. my period was on 16 nov and im so anxious, im travelling tomm night so dont feel that much!

    please pray for a positive result for u and for all of us!

    go out somewhere on a short break, prepare for out shopping.........

    hey but the thoughts still haunt!! gosh talk about it, i try my best to divert my mind, but again and again i think about the possibilities!!!

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    I gave up and didnt care! lol I said thats it! Im DONE and I just worked and lived life for a few weeks tested via blood before missed period got a BFN and then tested 4 days after my period and got BFP so... Chin up, take dancing lessons or something!? lol I dont know. But thinking about just drives you crazy.. Funny thing is, after that two week wait then you find out that your pregnant, NOW WE WAIT 9 long months?! lol Good luck and baby dust to you!

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    Do simple handicraft like cross-stitch or even jigzaw puzzle to kill time everyday.. good luck and hope to hear the gd news fm u.. baby dust **

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    My friend is in the same state as your self, and i was too, i would go shopping and look at going for coffee with friends and go to the gym, because i hate waiting...

    Baby Dust to you and to all who are ttc... TAKE CARE

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  • uj
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    1 decade ago

    During my two week wait, i would Google anything interesting for example news about celebrities....

    Source(s): 13weeks,6days with baby no.1
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