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I told him how much I care?

Me and him are really close friends and I started growing feelings for him. I thought he felt the same by the things he said so I told him Last week and monday he finally said he likes me a lot but doesnt want to hurt me and he doesnt want to lose me. It hurt real bad, The next morning he called to see if I was ok I wold him that we were still cool and I was ok. Then latter that day really sucked and I knew I needed him and for some reason he was the first I went to. Now I relies that maybe it is better off being "Just friends" It still kinda hurts though. But it is odd because are convos are usually flirty lol and he calls me 3 or more times a day...

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    flirt and have fun...some one is waiting around the corner for ya

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    I think most of us have been there in some way or another. It does suck, but it's better than losing a good friend!

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    I know it hurts but be happy he told you and then made sure you were fine. Find a new bf and keep this one as a good friend.

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    Well some things you just have to let go off. Maybe he is just not ready for a relationship.

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    i know most people would not take this advice coz they like romamce but it is better to stay as friends it can be hard to go back to friendship once you have been in a romantic relationship.

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    oooh. thats sucks... but i think you both know whats the best for you guys.

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    I dont see a question.

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