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I am looking for a large leather handbag. My price limit is about $700. Thank you!?

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    Check out handbags from these reliable sites: (I Love this brand)

    I would say Coach or even Dooney but don't you want a bag that you DON'T see carried on every other woman? Merry Christmas!

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    Hey, I use to go to school for fashion and know people in the business that can get me handbags, watches, clothes, colognes/perfumes etc... for very cheap. Since your limit is $700, i can get you something very good and nice, and just for the record, they are all real and also not messed up samples. You get what you pay for, which is why designer charge so much. Send me an e-mail if your interested. Enjoy the holidays!

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    hi, i admire unique! there are various fairly some issues you're able to do. I even have stumbled on classic to be the main original because of the fact not as a lot of them are accessible interior the shops to purchase so not each physique is walking around with an identical factor. Thrift shops are a great place to saerch for uncommon and unique. additionally the computers seek engines will boost plenty and many judgements for classic purses or classic purses and so on. Then there are additionally each and all the fairly some online identifying to purchase websites i'm particular your attentive to. yet i think of in case you utilize the observe classic and think of classic once you save you will discover precisely what your searching for.another highway to discover as long as you do not sense strange approximately doing it would be property sales many cases the contents of an elderly woman would be on the industry and from what i've got seen earlier interior the day the craftsmanship and detailing that went into the products have been far extra mind-blowing then what we've immediately,the conventional of fabric and workmanship seem to final a life-time whilst properly taken care of. i'm hoping you hit upon what you're searching for for!

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    Yeah, you could shop at ebay, but its buyer beware on that site. Lots of knockoffs are being sold every day, and so many people get ripped off from those deals. Its too bad, really.

    For that money, you could get a pretty nice purse. Here is a site you can check out. Its a site totally dedicated to purses!

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    i'd look at nordstroms (the teen section sometimes has pretty good ones that won't look cheap at all if you can pull them off well enough) or bloomingdales.

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    It must be nice to be able to spend that much money on a stupid purse. You could probably find the same type at walmart for $20. People don't understand that all your doing is paying for a label....

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    go on-line and shop e- bay you will be surprised

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