If there is a Mrs. God, is she more powerful than God?

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    Oh brother,

    I think you've had to much to drink tonight ...where do you people come up with such nonsense , is there no intelligent life on r&s

    anymore.....no legitimate questions....

    There is no mrs.........................genius................................

    Source(s): Bring it, like I care...hhmmff......
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    Many belief systems believed in a Mrs. God . The early Jews believed in Mrs. God and the children . This information was not included in the formation of the old testament but is in the writings and rituals predating the "exodus" .

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    She will still be beside Him, behind Him, but not above Him..........just like a figure of a Father in a family..The Man is the head of the Family, women's role is to be submissive according to the Word of God , not according to the wordly thought.............this doesnt mena that shje is just considered a so-so in a family, her voice is heard too, her commands are put into practice too...........so Mrs God knows where she stand in God's world...........and since your question is impossible............always rephrase it this way...If there were Mrs God, Would she be more powerful.."ok???

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    Israel is God's wife; they were married on Mount Sinai and the Torah is their "ketubah" also called marriage contract.

    She could be considered more "powerful" than God only in one way: that she held the power to break His heart. Her chasing after other gods/idols was called "playing the harlot" in the scriptures, and compared to Hosea's wife who cheated on him.

    Source(s): Jeremiah 3:14
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    The only thing God is afraid of.

    Bruce Campbell in a wedding dress.

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    While Mr. & Mrs. God are fighting, is Lucifer running the show?

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    i bet Mrs. God puts God in his place.

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    Mrs. God, a.k.a. Mary Claus a.k.a. the Queen of Heaven (a Babylonian goddess) a.k.a. Hera (wife of Zeus - Greek mythology) a.k.a. the Virgin Mary?

    No way!

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    There is only ONE God. There is not one equal to him. He has no partners.

    "He begets not, nor was He begotten; "And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him."] Soorat Al Ikhlaas {112:1-4}

    Find out more about The God.


    Source(s): Quran.
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    There is no Mrs. God, just Almighty God, The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

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    He might wear the pants in the family, but She is the one who picked them out.

    Is that disrespectful? Hope not!

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