Romantically intested in a greeter at 24 hr fitness - not sure if shes interested.?

This is a difficult one, because greeters are suppose to be friendly and nice and say hi/bye and talk to everyone, so its hard to figure out if she likes me back. And because she works at 24hr fitness, if I get rejected or misinterpret the situation, I have to see her everyday I come in there. We talked for a little while about school and work. I also noticed her face kindof lights up when she sees me come in but I may be just hallucinating. Shes cute though and I like her, id be interested in getting to know her but its a strange situation. Im 25 by the way (grown man)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Give her your number -- if she calls, she's interested. If she doesn't, she's just doing her job. Even if she doesn't call, continue to smile at her and just don't let it be awkward -- you're there to work out, anyway, not flirt. If it does get too awkward -- switch gyms.

  • 1 decade ago

    I saw this on the Onion.

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