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My DELL made PC is not booting, i guess the problem is on smps,but not sure.waz the prob..?

The symptoms are: first time it took half an hour to reboot. Later the time extends more .After 5-6 time same problem repeats. Noe it taes 3 days to reboot when i try to ON. The CPU is DELL made and configuration is:Intel Xeon 3GHz,2GB RAM- XP-Prof Vn 2002... Anybody plz help me..Em not able to make it ON from last 3 days...

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    Thats because its a "Dell" Dells are notorious for breaking down and not working. My suggestion......Junk it and build your own.

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    Open the case and listen to the Hard Drive. If it is making grinding and thudding sounds it is the Hard Drive. If you don't know what a normal Hard Drive sounds like bring it down to your local PC store, nerd herd, or geek squad and if its bad they know the sounds to listen for.

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