Need to replace hub with RJ45 ports and BNC, but can't replace cable. Is there converter from BNC to RJ45?

We have a Netgear EN108 that is failing (8 ports RJ45, one port BNC). Between buildings we have coax cable on BNC connectors, however this cable cannot be replaced. This particular hub and others like are hard to find these days. Is it possible to transition from the BNC coax connector to an RJ45 connector to use in the latest hub/switches? I also notice that they aren't called hubs anymore, but "switches". Are these pretty much the same things as the old hubs (other than speed) or is there any thing special regarding coax cable I need to know? (other than they don't have BNC ports).

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    Well this is a little more complex than you realize. There is not any easy way and no direct adapters that will connect to the coax (as far as I know) there are still "media" adapters for this

    (basically a switch with BNC still on it)

    Might be time to replace that older 10 mbit cable.

    The reason is the number of wires actually used. IN Cat .5 you use two pair = 4 wires for send and receive 2 xmit, 2 recv.

    On BNC there were only 2 wires period so you are a pair short in converting the wire to standard ethernet. Thus the term "Media Adapter" somehow, you have to get those " negative lines" also talking or you will have issues with the network.

    Hope that helps

    Merry Christmas and God Bless

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    in case you have a unfastened PCI slot, upload a ethernet card, and connect your equipment. maximum circumstances your working equipment will discover the drivers and vehicle set up the cardboard, and you'd be reconnected if the the remainder of your internet Connection is working... The equipment i'm at present utilising the on-board ethernet failed interior the 1st hour, and that i've got been utilising a PCI replace for the final 7 months... in specific circumstances you will could pass into the bios and turn off the on-board ethernet card. It relies upon on your working equipment, and this is going to be immediately forward on your intel motherboard to teach off the on-board equipment. JR

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    If you can't replace the coax cable, maybe you can run a wireless network between buildings, depending on the distance.

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    hay now is a conector to bnc to rj45 conect its comany patton model no 460

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