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All I want for Christmas is..........?

An opportunity to attend the All-Star game seated next to the "Regulars" from Yahoo! Answers. We would all be sporting our team colors and have a list of trivia questions (LITY and Bob Loblaw would have to wear earplugs for the first 5 to give us mere mortals a chance).

I want to be seated between Erica and Haley and within earshot of CME and PUCKDAT.

But seriously, I think it would be great to meet up at a game some time. I promise that I'll order enough food to tie up both arms so that I can ask a female usher to reach for my ticket stub.

(I'm really bushed right now and I am going to bed real early. I'll check the answers when I get up.)

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    Gee Bill why not invite us all to baseball game. We'll see more hits at least. LMAO.

    I'd go to a real game with anyone here. But the All-star game is exciting to me as tennis.

    And if we're going to go it would have to be where they sell REAL beer. I'm not a fan of the swill they sell in your country.

  • This would be a really cool idea. Can we start to plan it for next year? I will be playing in Canada the week after this year's game, so my money this year is going for that :(

    Haley. My hockey team will be playing in a women's tournament in Winsor , Ontario the weekend of February1. We played in it last year and had a blast. Even thought it was freezing.Think minus 5 Fahrenheit and a 20 mile an hour wind on top of that . BRRR.

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    I'd like to sit next to cme and see him try to keep the seat down.The little fella.I always like to go to games with girls that know the sport so Erica,Haley and green would be fun to go with so we can make fun of the people around us.

    Source(s): Haley-Let me know if you have the hiccups I'll be right there.I am the hiccup curing master;)-It is not a dirty saying it could be a dirty job know.Also Peter Gabriel was twisted..
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    mmmm on problem who's going to keep the rivals separated. oh and is regular trolls included ....

    just image how many tickets that would mean. probably have to have lity hook us up on a presale section.

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    Funny you put this up tonight. A teammate of mine announced last night that he had 6 tickets for the game and is organizing a trip. I won't be able to make the trip but it's a funny coincidence.

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    Awesome Bill, I am honored that you want to sit next to me. It would be fun to all go to a game together. Thanks for considering me a "regular". I am still pretty new and very odd.

    Joe: Thanks. I bet you just are going to wait to see if one of us gets the hiccups. (and, yes....two in, are be a bunch of pervs or what........I still laugh like a 10 year old when I hear "Shock the monkey")

    Kimmy: It has not been raining my neck of the woods. My lawn is so dry, it crunches when you walk on it. You are playing a game in Canada? Where? Please tell more...........

  • TBL
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    That would be so much fun! Imagine the great time we'd have.

    As long as I don't have to pay for anything.....

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    Sounds fun :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i can tell your an eagles fan! go to their games!

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