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    Yes, go to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc...there are many that are black. They are just blacks living in those countries and are a part of the hispanic culture there.

    Although Brazil has heavy Portugese influence, there are a larger percentage of blacks in Brazil than the U.S.

    It's nothing uncommon.

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    Latin american has many different looking people, from blonde hair and blue eyes to dark skin and course hair.

    Besides the indian americans that were native to the lands and europeans that settled there, about 2/3rds of the African slave trade went to South American and the Caribbean.

    Most Latinos are a mix of all three ethnic groups in someway.

    Many Dominicans and Brazilians have dark skin.

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    I know of Afro-latinos which are black but with latino/hispanic ethnicity...I dont think latino is a race..

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    They don't have 2 be Black!!My boyfriend is from Mexio & is Mayan indian,he actualy look like he could be from Asia.But 2 answer you question Don Omar & Roberto Clemente!!

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    I sure do, and she's really nice.

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