9-which stadium is the largest ?

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    Officially it's "Rungrado May Day Stadium" in North Korea with a capacty of 150,000. However the Maracana in Brazil has held over 200,000. It's official capacity is at 95,000.

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    I don't think the Maracana can fit in 100,000 people in its' current condition, although it probably holds the all time record.

    Mexico's Azteca Stadium and Barcelona's Camp Nou, can hold around 90,000, but I believe the only stadium that can hold crowds in excess of 100,000 for a football match would be Tehran's football stadium.

    I cannot recall it's name, but it has had that capacity for football matches over the past few years.

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    The biggest stadium in the world by far is the Maracana in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. It can fit a maxium capacity of 250,000 people when it's completely sold out.

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    here is your answer

    all the stadium by capacity

    pyong yang in north korea has the largest stadium in the world with 150,000 capacity


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    Aztec stadium in mexico city

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    लग्नाआधी 'तो' आणि 'ती' लग्नानंतर 'तो' आणि 'ती'

    लग्नाआधीचे 'तो' आणि 'ती' लग्नानंतरही तेच असतात, पण लग्नानंतर त्यांच्यातला संवाद बदलतो... कसा?... असा...


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    ती : मी जाऊ का निघून?

    तो : छे गं! तसा विचारसुद्धा मनात आणू नकोस.

    ती : तुझं प्रेम आहे माझ्यावर?

    तो : अर्थातच!

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    तो : नो, नेव्हर! असा विचार तरी तुझ्या मनात कसा येतो?

    ती : तू माझं चुंबन घेशील?

    तो : हो तर.

    ती : तू मला मारहाण करशील?

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    तो : हो.


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    some stadium in Europe

    for surre

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    The stad with max crowd capacity in europe is camp nou

    l.e in all teams playing in competitive leagues in europe.

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