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parque espana in japan?

hi people, where going on a tour to japan and where going to this place called parque espana (spain mura) its this theme park somewhere in japan.

i just wanna know if it is any good, and im not a fan of rollercoasters (kind get sick) so im wondering whats it like and is it popular and stuff


and also, in tokyo, wats the best thing to do at night when our tour group is just a leisure time


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    Um...I've been to this place, but it wasn't that good.

    I didn't like rollercoasters at that time, so there weren't many to ride.

    Their shows were pretty funny, and there weren't many people so we could relax, which was good.

    If you are going to Tokyo, I don't understand why you're going to Parque espana.

    Go to Disneyland, because it's different from the one in U.S. or any other countries!

    Source(s): I've been there when I was little.
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    I'm not sure your taste, but personally I don't think Parque espana is interesting for traveler from western country. I mean why the hell spanish in Japan?? Go Spain!!

    And it locates far from Tokyo and you should take almost 6 hours for just round trip.

    I hope you to go and see more Japanese things, but you'd better ask recommendations for western people who've been to Japan cuz Japanese sense of interests are bit different to western's.

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