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Why hasn't he told me that he loves me yet?

We have been dating almost two years and I don't know if he loves me. I've asked him a few times where our relationship is heading but he said he likes things the way they are right now. We are in our early 30s and we both have children from previous relationships. He said that he is committed and serious about me but he is still not ready to get married. I have told him that I don't want to marry him tomorrow or a year from now but want to know where we are heading. We have not exchanged "I love you" yet. He always tries to please me and make me happy. That is not enough for me and I want to know if he loves me without me asking him. A year into our relationship he said that he can see us together married in the future. I don't know what happened to that man anymore. I am giving up on trying to find out where our relationship is heading.

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    Yes he does love you, or else he wouldnt be wasting his time with someone that he didnt care for Maybe he has a different way of showing that he loves you like doing you favors all the time or providing for the householdif you guys live together.

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    If he doesn't know what he wants by now, then you are probably not it. No proclamation of love either!! Something is definitely wrong in this relationship. I would suggest that you force him to decide whether he wants you in his future or not. If he doesn't, then you are wasting valuable young years of your life, that you can not get back. Don't sit back and waste your life on a man that will not commit. I have seen it happen to other women, and it never ends up good. After two years, he should have some idea of where you stand in his life!!! If he is avoiding the subject by saying he likes things the way they are, then he is not interested in committing to you!! You deserve better. Move on to a real man.

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    well you could look at this different ways ... he has been with you for almost two years so he could have very strong feelings for you (yes even love you ) and he may not be ready to say them words because he isnt ready for marriage again , and he does try to make you happy ... on the other hand ..he has a good thing going without marriage ..he may say he is committed to you ..but is he really ? .. i guess its up to you if you want to stay in a relationship that you dont know where its really going to end up ... sit him down and let him know how you feel ... if you are willing to wait longer let him know that too ... its something that only the two of you can decide...good luck.

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    well, if that's so important for u u say "i love u " first. and then look at his reaction. this will tell u everything. if he will become happy he loves u. if he becomes bewildered and wouldn't know what to say - well, u know what it means. and u know u don't need to waste time on him any more

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