does anyone know if Maryville, Missouri is a racist community. its a small town. small towns tend to be racist

just curious. its population is mostly white. i read somewhere that small towns hate people of any color other than white.


to the dude who said im a jew. I AM NOT!!!! im multiracial (white and black) got it?!!!

Update 2:

also, there is nothing wrong with jewish people either

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    Dude, I live in Missouri!

    It's not too bad. There's a university there, so it's actually a little on the liberal side. I mean, there are idiots any place you happen upon, but it's a nice little town (I have a bunch of friends going to school there). I've been there. Never had a bad experience.

    But CoMO is much better.

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    How could an entire town be racist.

    Where did you read this? Most small towns I've been to have had the most kind and helpful citizens. It's places like New York and Chicago where you want to spit on someone because they are so ignorant.

    There's this place in Mississippi named Sparta. It is tiny and it is a white community. We were traveling through there when we were kids with my parents. My mom is a diabetic and she got really sick when we crossed into Mississippi. We stopped in this little white town and asked for help. They took us to the hospital and treated my mom (black woman). Some of the nurses called their kids over to play with us in the rec room while my mom was being helped. People brought us food from the cafeteria because they knew we had driven a long way.

    My mom got better and we left our address for them to send a bill. We never got one. Years later we went back and none of the same people were there. But my mom spent some money and brought everyone breakfast in the emergency room. They didn't know why she did it..but we knew.

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    I'm sorry but that is horrible for you to generalize a town to be racists more because its dominantly white. If you havent lived there, or even been there how can you jump to conclusions like that?

    Source(s): I agree with Criolla. I did grow up in a town that was majority white. My highschool class graduated with two students who were black, and they were probably one of the popular kids of the school. My best friend was one of them. Her family loved the town, and they were treated just like anyone else. So please dont jump to a conclusion that a town full of white people are going to be racists if you are a different skin color.
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    Are you a Jew ? You sound like it !

    P.S, "colour" not "color", is the true pronounciation ! got it...

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