Does She Really like me?

I need help from you girls out there. The trouble that i am having is that there is this drop dead gorgoius girl that has come in my work for nearly three weeks straight. I think she likes me but im not sure. everytime i talk to her she laughs like a little school girl, and today when i tried to make a move in she kinda just laughed and really didnt say much. Is that a bad thing that she is laughing alot? I normally dont have trouble talking to girls, however for some reason this one is tottaliy diffrent. I need some people help on this one.

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    Look for other signs before assuming she "likes" you (laughing is entirely dependent on what she's laughing at / how she's laughing).

    If she likes you, she'll probably casually look in your direction a lot as well. If she's not that shy, she might also strike up conversations with you about random irrelevant things.

    You can always make the moves and see if she responds. Try asking her out and whatnot. See what happens. You'll never know for sure unless you go for it. Worst case scenario, at least you tried right?

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    there is a big posibility that this girl likes you.why do i say so..first, she laughs for no reason to laugh at all maybe her defend mechanism not to get shy unto you..second she will not pobabaly waste time talking to you if she dont like you and lastly girls are laughing like a grade school girl because they like a most probably he likes you..

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    i laugh ALL the time, its not a bad thing. most guys like this. she may just laugh a lot, or she may be nervous herself and covers it by laughing. i do both of those

  • no! of course laughins is a sign! laughing is a flirty sign meaning that they like you. SO GO FOR IT!!! :] good luck with every thing. i advise you to ask her out soon, just remember there's nothing to loose, so GO FOR ITT!! ;]

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    well it is hard to tell. me, being a girl, i know we are complicated, dont worry i understand. but wen i laugh alot, i usually tend to like him more than i like other guys. so wat you should do is make yourself pop out. not like corny, you know? but like make yourself look differnet from other guys in the office.

    good luck : ) hope you the best

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