im 36 weeks preg is it normal for the baby not to move that much anymore?

she had her good days that are okay but like now shes not moving she could be sleep but im eating a huge cup of ice and shes not moving or jumping or anything and she usually will during the day if i eat or drink anything cold and all i eat all day everyday is cups of ice thats my craving.. what do you guys think. is it just cuz im in my 9th month. shes big with no room?

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    It is normal, the baby is properly big, sometimes when the mother is quiet, no stress the baby can feel it, so mayby your baby is just like you, remember if you are restless the baby will feel it, and then he/she is also restless..enjoy the moment, and if you are really worried, go to your Doctor, just to calm your mind.

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    Yes it's perfectly normal. Most babies start to move around less the closer they get to the due date simply because they don't have as much room. If you're worried about your baby's movements, then just do a kick count. Lie on your side in a quiet room sometime in the evening and see she kicks at least 10 times in an hour. If she doesn't, then you should give your doctor a call.

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    Baby should have at least 10 movements in a day that includes hiccups! If not contact your doctor, midwife or labour ward asap! During the last weeks of pregnancy baby doesn't seem to move as much so don't panic, they have many sleep/wake cycles. Also, have you had blood taken to check your Hb levels at the hospital because crunching on lots of ice is a sign of a low Hb. In pregnant women it should be over 113. It could be just a craving, if you aren't tired and pale.

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    Probably the baby is getting cramped but let your doctor know anyway.

    I had that same feeling at about the 35th week. I told my doctor and they did a test where they strapped a monitor around my belly and monitored the baby's movement for twenty minutes or so. Turns out she just didn't have as much room to move around as she did before. But it is better to be safe.

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    no! you're toddler is fairly healthy if he/she is moving around lots. on the alternative you should be nervous if that is not moving at present. a toddler ought to save moving till the eighth and 9th months, whilst they are approximately due. you should call your physician immediately if your toddler hasn't moved in a 24 hour era or longer, if it would not swerve, wave around, kick, bump by surprise, and so on. this skill which you would be in hard work or god forbid, the umbilical cord has wrapped around the toddler, could desire to be on the feet, palms, or worst case subject: on the neck... so as quickly as you're toddler is quiet and calm on your tummy for an entire day, go see your physician. yet in simple terms be attentive to that each thing is large if the infants moving lots, if that is bothering you you could choose for a stroll because of the fact once you stroll that is such as you're rocking the toddler to sleep! i think you're laying down whilst all this kicking occurs?

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    i would try drinking something w/ sugar (and cold), assuming you don't have diabetes.

    the rule is a 10 kick count (your dr. should have you doing them) - count how long it takes (total) for 10. any moment but hiccups. if it is under 1.5 - 2 hours, she is fine. if it takes over that, i would mention it to the dr.

    you go weekly now, right?

    Source(s): 38 weeks Pregnant - Due 12/25!
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    baby could be getting cramped, but no movement at all is a very bad sign! if you cannot feel any movement then call your doctor

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