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2004 tsunami?

What are your personal viwes on the 2004 tsumani?? all answers are highly appreciated thank you!

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    Could have been avoided. Places like Indonesia that are highly susceptible to such phenomena should have things put in place to warn of such catastrophes. They knew an earhquake had occured under the sea, they knew it was of great magnitude yet no warnings were put in place.It's disgusting, many lives could have been saved. One thing's for sure any person sitting on a beach now seeing the sea retract and fish wriggling around would run as fast as they could now!

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    It was shocking. First there was this little note on the news of an earthquake in the region. Nothing more. Then there was a note of some kind of flood. Nothing more. Then came the first news of fatalities. 10 dead. 100 dead. 1000 dead. 10000 dead. 100000 dead. It took quite a while for the scale of the event to set in and that at no time since WWII had more citizens from my country been killed at the same time. It took even longer for me to find out that a friend I went to school with had died down there.

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    Not being in that situation,for sure I coulnt say anything that is far more serious than victims.But,for me.It teaches me a lot in life and of course, a sign of our own mother nature. We never predicted that such a huge wave would turn such a small place.Like it right now,our global climate has change and people out there should wake up!!Mother nature is calling us to save it from being "drown".

  • I woke up the morning after when i went to Florida and the paper was delivered at our hotel room and i saw it and just thought

    HOLY ****!

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    it was horrible. i donated money

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