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muslims. is it OK for a 15 year old boy to pray at home?


no what i want to say is it ok to pray in home insted of a mosque.(there are mosque)

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    On a normal day this would be fine but on a Friday you are old enough to have to be at the mosque unless you are physically unable to go there. You need to make every effort to go. Only when you are sure it is impossible can you be right to pray elsewhere.

    Source(s): I'm not Moslem but many of my family are so I've grown up knowing the basics of Islam.
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    Any one can pray any where, any place, facing any where.

    But it is preferable to if some has ability to go to Masjid, can face Kaabah.

    God Almighty accept all prayers if offered sincerely.

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    You can offer your prayer anywhere .. it's good to go to pray together .. but praying is the main thing. you should pray wherever you are at ..

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    Yes you can do prayers at home .

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    You will have to face Mecca when you pray, otherwise your prayers will not be heard by allah!

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