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How do I remove extra toolbars from my internet?

I used to only have one, but I found out i got a trojan horse and it gave me these spyware and yahoo toolbars... i had the trojan horse removed, but the toolbars is still there, so how do i take them off? I can remove them during one session, but if i open up a new internet page they'll be back on it. I'm tryin to get them off for good


by the way: spyware, adware, trojans, viruses..... what's the difference??? aint they all f*ckin yo computer up?!?! lmao

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    You need to do more than just remove the tool bar from view you should also disable and remove them from your browser . This can be done in Internet Explorer in manage add-on's.

    Internet Explorer's Add-on Management feature lets you view, enable and disable the list of add-ons which can be loaded by Internet Explorer. Add-ons include browser helper objects, ActiveX controls, toolbar extensions and browser extensions.

    To iview or modify the add-ons on your computer by launching Manage Add-ons:

    1. In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, click Manage Add-ons, and then click Enable or Disable Add-ons.

    2. To disable an add-on, select it in the list in the Manage Add-ons dialog box and select the Disable radio button.

    3. To enable an add-on, select it in the list in the Manage Add-ons dialog box and select the Enable radio button.

    4. Click OK to confirm.

    Note: Disabling an add-on does not remove it from your computer. It simply prevents Internet Explorer from executing the add-on's code—it does not prevent other software from executing the add-on. If an add-on is disabled, website pages that rely on that add-on may not work as expected.

    If you believe you had a Trojan and/or spy ware but are still seeing remnants of it in you browser you may not have completely removed it.

    I would also delete the .dll file from your computer after you've disabled the add-on. The name of the dll file is listed under the far right column called "File" in manage add-on's.

    Once you have identified it, type the name of the dll file and do a complete search of your hard drive and delete only the dll file(s) that are exact matches to your search

    I recommend downloading a free program called "SmitfraudFix" You should find it available for downloading found here.

    Re-Start computer in safe-mode (pressing the F4 will take you to safe-mode prompt)

    Now run complete system scan and clean to remove any incidents detected.

    Restart computer and check Internet explorers tool bar and manage add-on's to see if anything you disabled has become enabled.

    Good luck :-)

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    Go to the toolbar area. Go to an empty space and right click. There are different selections. Uncheck the ones you don't want. If they're still on after you close the window, then you still have a virus.

    Spyware is a software that gets into your computer to steal your information. Adware is a software that shows excessive pop-ups on your computer. Trojan horse is like the literature one - it acts like a good program, but once it gets in, it releases lots of viruses. Virus is like a real life virus - it infects a computer without you knowing. And yes, all can do damage to you and your computer.

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    trojans, spys and adwares/malware isn't going to auto install AOL, Google or yahoo on your machine. They download some other unwanted sh!t like Xupiter, MyCoolWebSearch or something like that on your computer and your anti-virues stuff becomes disabled.

    Also, if you have a homepage you never wanted and have a hard time getting rid of (they call this a browser jacker), send it to the Geek Squad or some other computer repair person or place.

    As an aside, if you don't want those other decent toolbars like MSN, Google or Yahoo, when you install something yourself make sure you read what you download so you don install something you don't want. That is watch those check boxes.

    Source(s): been through some stuff myself. I feel your pain.
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    Internet Explorer 5 and 6 & Firefox


    View -> Toolbars -> Uncheck undesired toolbar

    Internet Explorer 7


    Tools -> Toolbars ->Uncheck undesired toolbar

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    u can right click on the toolbar and there are a bunch of options. One of them controls the tool bar, left click that one to close the tool bar.

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    First, off, yes they all mess your computer up, so their all bad. :D

    You can also remove the toolbars completely if you go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> uninstall undesired toobars.

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    go to the control panel, select "add or remove programs" then uninstall the toolbars. or, if you are windows internet explorer, then switch to mozilla firefox then uninstal firefox using the procces above then download windows internet explorer again. do the opposite is you are using mozilla firefox.

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    that's a good question

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