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Is an apt on Charles De Gaulle Ave next to Port Maillot Metro station a good location?

I am booking a trip for a couple on their honeymoon. The apt is very nice and the building looks beautiful. But, what about the location? I know it is not central-but is the metro good ?Is the neighborhood good? It's #18 Charles De Gaulle Ave. Paris Arrondissement 17

What is the least expensive way to get from CDG /Paris airport to the apartment?


The apt is a rental-and at a very reasonable price. The couple going are not wealthy-thus why I'm asking about ways to save $$

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    I believe that address is actually in Neuilly-sur-Seine rather than Paris but is a very nice neighborhood and you are really only a short distance from the Arc de Triomphe (1.4 km) and the Champs Elysee. One tiny caution, you're right next to the Bois de Boulogne ( a large park) which is probably not a good place to walk at night

    You can take the Bus Verte from CDG which has a stop at Porte Maillot. Its then a short (less than 10 minute) walk.

    You can also take the RER B line to to Chatelet-Les Halles and then change to the Metro line 1 marked "Direction : La Defense (Grande Arche)" and get off at the to Porte Maillot stop. That's a slightly shorter walk (under 5 minutes) [The Metro stop and the bus stop are in different locations]

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    It is indeed in Neuilly -sur-Seine and not Paris. It is the city with the highest percentage of wealthy people (and home town of French president Sarkozy). It is very nice and only one kilometre away from Place de l'Etoile/Arc de Triomphe. As others said, just avoid wandering in the wood at night but it is safe and lovely during the day. My only concern about this location is the noise: it is on a major road and it is very close to the "périphérique", a highway around Paris, so check that it has double-glazed windows.

    The cheapest way to get there from the airport is RER B to Châtelet-les Halles + métro line 1 (direction La Défense) and exit at Porte Maillot. Then it's a couple of minutes' walk to the apartment. It will cost 8.20 € / person.

    Another option is taking the airport shuttle (Roissy Bus) to Place de l'Etoile and then métro 1 to Porte Maillot (one stop away). It is 8.60 € / person but because of traffic it may take longer than the RER.

    Yes, the métro system is good, the apartment is a few steps from métro line 1 which goes through Paris as a NW-SE straight line along most of the major sites. It connects with a lot of other lines too.

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    come renting an apt in the most exclusive part of town and then want to save on transport bills? i dont know how much you are paying for the rental but i am sure it is WAY more expensive than anywhere else in the city and if you want to do some saving , better rent somewhere else..........its like going to NY and renting an apt in Manhattan.

    and yeah they should avoid strolling in the bois de boulogne at night, they might see thing that might haunt them for the rest of their lives

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    Honestly!!! No offense but if you can afford an apt in Neuilly sur Seine, one of the most expensive places in France, you shouldn't be concerned about the word CHEAP



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    The Bois de Boulogne is NOT a good place to be at night unless you are solociting a sexual encounter with a strange stranger. To each their own.

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