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Gym- stiff body?

hay guys, my question today relates to me. I have not been to gym in a long time, and started going on monday. I have now been going for 3 days straight and working my absolute hardest, as in lifting the heaviest weights i could. Anyway long story short i am now REALY in pain, no exaduration. Think of it this way when i stand up my arms are sooo swallen from lifting that they dont lie by my body straight anymore, they are actually cured ( I I ). My upper arm looks really puffy and large. man i can barely lift my arm over my bloody head. dam it hurts!!! all over. Also my chest is all tender, hell even typing hurts.

Now my question is what can i do, i am prepiared to take medication if need be. I just am in sooo much pain, and im not usualy the type to wine. Please help, any things i can do??


ummm thanks for all the help.....but firstly i want to clear up that i am NOT really trying to loose weight, i was actually aiming to increase my bodys muscle mass and over all fitness. By the way i would never take tablets to loose weight.

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    You're learning the hard way how not to get back with exercising. Whenever I get back after an extended period of not exercising regularly I spend the first two weeks slowly working my way up, doing only a percentage of what I can lift and only one set per exercise.

    If you're experiencing swollen muscles try a cool bath, see if that helps with the swelling, then a warm bath to help soothe the pain. Some OTC pain killer will help, too. Take a few days off, and when you start back start slow. As mentioned above, that's one of the biggest mistakes people make is hitting it too hard too soon and burning out. The first two weeks you should leave the gym feeling like you can do more. The two weeks after that you can start progressing but don't go all out, get used to the movements and work on form. After that you can start hitting it hard. Your body needs a chance to become accustomed to the new sudden stresses being put on it. Be sure to warm up well before and stretch after working out. Good luck!

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    You over did it. This is often the reason people do not stay with exercising. They do not do it for a long time. Then they try to make up for lost time and get sore. They stop for a long time and so on. Take some aspirin or ibuprofen or naproxin and a couple of days off. Maybe warm bath or whirlpool. Go at it less aggressively. Remember stretching and cooling down.

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    anti inflamatories and DONT TRAIN for a week min. Your muscles need time to recover and grow. A week off will be more than benificial.

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