humans on mars b4?

My idea is that humans used to live on mars but when the meteor hit them some of the Dna scattered to earth because the rocks that were on mars might have carried Human Dna (something similiar).

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    That's an interesting idea, but the greatest barrier is having an impact event on Mars sufficiently capable of ejecting DNA-laden material so hard and fast into the Martian sky that it escapes Mars' gravity and travels to earth without it heating up the rock and denaturing and lysing the DNA.

    But that's just the first hurtle. Then, the DNA must enter earth's atmosphere and fall to earth. If the stone that the DNA was hitchhiking on hadn't heated up to the temperature of lava on Martian impact, it would function as a meteor in earth's atmosphere and glow white-hot most of the way down. That would surely be the end of the DNA.

    If you can get around the double melting threats of the impact launch event and meteoric plummet, you might have a hypothesis there.

    Of course, there's no reason for DNA to form on Mars but need to get to earth from the sky. If it could evolve elsewhere, why not here too?

  • 5 years ago

    Human have lived on mars before invading earth. When we invaded earth, life wasn't as it is now. We had the technology to make energy and send distribute it using pyramids. Human destroyed the planet Mars and had to find another place. We are doing the same thing now: the global warming. We are destroying the ozone and at the end the atmosphere will emigrate to another planet. Billions of years later we'll be visiting earth trying to find the origin of life, the same exact thing we are doing now with Mars.

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