A Q for Teenage guys only?

Hey do you guys like girls the most when they flirt with you or something else?


okay tim WHAT?! how could you do that to your wife. she is your wife that is cruel you should be ashamed! if i could i would give you thumbs down just because of that u think a 14 year old needed to hear that! i don't flirt with any one ppl I was just wondering because it seem like some guys like that stuff.

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    1 decade ago
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    Flirting is fine, just - once you have their attention, tone things down a little. It shouldn't be obvious to him that you are flirting. He should just be thinking how cute and nice you are, and how you don't have to try to hard. Trying too hard spoils that impression!

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    I'm a gay teenage guy, but I think I can still answer your question.

    Basically, one guy might like girls that flirt, another guy might like the mysterious type. Personally, I am not a big fan of girls that flirt. It looks like they just want to bone.

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    Well I'm in my mid 30s (married) currently in affair with another women (besides my wife) and i have noticed when she flirts with me i get more horny and want to bang her, than do with my wife so i think it all has to do with how HOT the girl is.

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