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Who in the NBA would be the best complementary player for Lebron?

He can do it all--score, rebound, assist. That creates a bit of a challenge to who he'd mesh well with on the court.

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    gets 9 rebounds 10 assists 11 points

    lebron will have open shpts all night long

    those 2 together would be scary (watch out Boston)

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    Right now, all Lebron needs is a scorer. It's someone that can score when James is double-teamed. That takes the scoring pressure off of James, and he can preserve himself physcially. It doesnt matter who that person is, but he must score. That's the reason why they got Larry Hughes. Sadly, Larry didnt live up to the Cavs' expectation.

    A big candidate is Keven Martin from Sacramento. This guy can do it all offensively. He can make layup, go for dunk, midrange shooting, and 3 points shooting. Another person that the Cavs can trade for is Ben Gordon. He is the same type of player that Kevin Martin is, but not that much athleticism.

  • richie
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    1 decade ago

    I think a big guy, who's a monster off the boards would be a great complement. One who can get the rebound and quickly give him the ball, and at the same time have offensive post moves. Dwight Howard comes to mind. Maybe Amare too.

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    1 decade ago

    Stojakovic... An excellent three point shooter... Firstly there's no way cleveland is getting howard o'k !!! Let's be sure of that! Secondly he won't play second fiddle to james! The king's game thrives on doing it himself and holding the ball, as soon as you take it out of his hands it's not the same team. Don't get me wrong the king is a beast but i think a freak shooter like Peja Stojakovic would suite his game, he can take it to tha hole ALLday and kick out to peja 4 tha open 3...SWOOSH. Either a 3pt shooter or just sum1 to take attention frm lebron, this could be many players ranging frm hughes or sasha if they stepped up or a guy like tyson chandler

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  • RedMan
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    1 decade ago

    Chris Paul

  • 1 decade ago

    Andre Iguadala from philly .. A Pippen clone with a Jordan/Magic combo will be facinating ..

    Howard n Lebron nope because both r no 1 options n it is tough to make Howard Lebron's side kick ..

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    He need somebody inside the paint! Amare Stoudemire, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard.

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    1 decade ago

    this seemed like such an easy question at first....

    that's actually really tough.

    you can't put someone out there who wants to be the go to guy.

    i mean, probably if they could somehow magically get dwight howard that would be incredible... he cleans up around the boards, which would be great with lebron.

    he could also go to him down low if he needed help.

    they also need help defensively. so ben wallace too may work, but they need a second scorer..


    i'd have to say dwight howard.

    he would help them defensively, offensively and with rebounding...

    if they had dwight howard and ray allen... it wud be orgasmic.

    but the celtics got him first.

    anyway, sorry for the blabber...

    dwight howard and ray allen

  • 1 decade ago

    Baron Davis

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if steve nash had been in cleveland this season,You can be sure that he would be the best complementary player for lebron.

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