Sex, commitment, and love combinations?

1. I'm odd in that I want love without sex or commitment :) I don't mean "in love" where you want just that one person, I mean the energy or the emotion itself. I've found a fair number of people that I can form a strong emotional connection with that I don't want to date. They're not bad for me, just.. boring. And I just don't see any point in going past making out if I don't want to date the guy, and would like to keep my options open.

? - How would you react if someone you liked wanted this kind of relationship? Would it be okay with you for a long time?

2. My friend (my x-bf, ha) seeks the opposite - sex without commitment, love being ok either way. He finds people to agree pretty easily, but they always want to talk him into committing. Time goes by, they fall in love with him, and get pissed that he doesn't feel the same even though he's been honest the whole time.

? - His question is, what can you do or say to maintain the sex without the drama?

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    I like your ex, he keeps it thug to the max. You never fall in love with no Ho.

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    I think it would be romantically boring to have feelings but never get past making out. I want more from a girl than just a kiss, but then I'm 47yrs young..

    RE the last bit... be honest, and don't spend more than once a week with each girl... too much time together, feelings of attachment naturally develop.

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    If I each get fortunate sufficient to discover that distinctive female, i could like her like no longer something in this worldwide, i could consistently be there for her, i could preserve and shield her on each occasion she mandatory me. All I ask for is the same in return. regrettably i replaced into born in 1991. flow parent good? God has purpose for me in possibly the main corrupt, honor much less, technology of liars and thieves prevalent to guy considering that possibly the declining generations of the Roman larger training. I gave up on them a protracted time in the past and concentration on myself and helping others learn the authentic which ability of lifestyles. helping people who're lost, and loving others. i'm blessed with maximum of unswerving buddies and with my own lifestyles and a loving kinfolk who raised me and instilled values in me which incorporate honesty, no longer straight forward artwork, self appreciate, the affection of gaining understanding of, appreciate for others, and interest. I understand the outcomes that incorporate informal intercourse, and that i stay away. besides as to why all the extra youthful informal intercourse? because of the fact they are lost human beings whose moms and dads failed them and who the mainstream media failed.

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    1. No. 2. He might as well just start hiring escorts.

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