My hard drive is making a buzz-like sound, how long before it dies?

It's been about 2 days, whenever I take my PC off stand by mode my hard drive will make soft grinding buzz-like sounds for about a minute before it stops. I have a Dell and it's about 3 years old, normally they last longer then this for me. I'm buying a new PC in March but I want to know how long before my hard drive dies off. Other then the sound the PC is working fine, no errors not slowing down at all. It's also very dust-free and the fan has been replaced within the year. So any ideas if it's going to last before my new PC?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Backup your files and pray that it holds out. If you really need to you can purchase a new drive and have it installed so you can have 2 PCs in the house just in case. Installing a hard drive is a relatively easy process and installing the operating system with the discs that came with your PC is as easy as following the prompts. So if it dies on you before you have the money to replace it you can purchase a replacement drive for around $50 and have a PC hardware adventure of your own and maybe learn a few thinks to impress all your friends! Anything hardware you should check out

    Good luck and I hope your drive lives long enough to see your new PC.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There's no way to tell, but you should get it checked out. If it goes before you're ready, you will loose all your files that aren't externally backed up.

  • Vishal
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    1 decade ago

    Even I am having that problem for more than one year.

    The best you can do is regularly backup your system.

    My computer is 4 yrs old.

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