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To Guys: Sex?

To Guys: What turns you on? What kills the mood? Groaning? Moaning? Not good enough?

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    Almost anything turns me on, but a big mood killer is a crappy attitude

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    Just blinking could turn me on at times...

    What kills the mood? When I am doing my best work.. saying things like "Honey, do you think this ceiling should be a different shade of white?"

    I once had a gf who was a lazy root. That turns me off...... just lying there ...... I could have more fun by myself!

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    What turns me on initially is pretty simple. A girl who is attractive and a good kisser. And a girl who likes sex and knows what she likes and isn't afraid to say it. That turns me on. Makes sense too. I mean, why shouldn't the girl be able to orgasm everytime like we do? Guys, would you want to have sex if you knew that there was a good chance you wouldn't climax? It drives me crazy to watch a woman climax.

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    Bushes and bad smells kill the mood. Ugh.

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    turn me on when the girl started flirt wif me....

    kill the mood when her pussy many hair or got weird smell

    groaning and moaning...i likes it much

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    1 decade ago

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