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feeling depressed?

I need some advice, I am 17 years old and I feel like I may have Atypical Depression, I feel uncomfortable and embarresed about telling my parents. I have felt tired all the time latley and I feel really lonley all the time. I dont have a girlfriend and my best friend is basicly a bipolar jerk. Im going to college in January. I have been homeschooled since 6th grade and have had basicly no social life. It wasnt my parents fault its just that I never really get out and do anything. Past few months I have been comfort eating like crazy and my arms and legs feel like they weigh 200 pounds. And if I keep going like this they will. Please give me some advice Im thinking maybe it will all go away once I get to college and get a girlfriend. I feel so inexperianced I have never even kissed a girl. Thanks for the help

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    Dan, relax. You do need to get some counseling. Trust me, getting a girlfriend is NOT going to make your problems go away. Either is going away to college. In fact, things can get even more depressing when you start college. A lot of people in college get counseling. It's a really tough time in just about everyone's life. Truly. Please......see someone NOW. Don't wait. And dating is not the answer. Remember--always--another person cannot and will not EVER solve your problems. Only YOU can do that. And it almost always takes some professional help to help you discover why you feel the way you do and then to help you learn how to work through these issues without getting stressed, fearful and sad.

    Best wishes.

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