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What should i do about a boyfriend that wont stop snapping at me?

he says he loves me, but no matter what i talk about or say he gets mad and raises his voice and tries to "control" every decision i make... and talks negatively about everything, unless it was his idea...he get mad over things that i have never seen any one ever get mad over, and it is becomming every day, every thing i say...I have a business partner and anything we do or come up with he slams doors, twice today, over litterally nothing...everything, and is always shaking his head...he says he doesn't know what is wrong with him...says he doesn't even notice when he raises his voice and snaps at me...

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    I would not even trouble with both of them. The undeniable fact that your buddy believes that her boyfriend could under no circumstances say some thing dangerous to you is telling me that she does no longer suppose a phrase that you're pronouncing. This is so unhappy considering you look to care plenty for this lady. But supply them sufficient area. In the longer term the boyfriend goes to get worn out and he'll give up. Then if no longer get them each in combination and placed a give up to this. And disregard approximately in need of to ram him right into a wall considering he’s no longer valued at it. Don't supply him the pleasure of realizing that you simply get dissatisfied at him considering when you do he'll simplest keep to your case. I consider unhappy for you that this lady could not take your phrase over his. And you what, probably this man is doing you a prefer through taking this lady clear of you.

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    How long has this been going on? I ask because it sounds like a recent change. If it is, something has probably precipitated it, something he needs to look at. However, whatever has brought it on, it doesn't mean you have to tolerate it. He is not a toddler, he is an adult, responsible for his own behavior. Tell him you won't put up with it anymore and stick to your word.

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    Talk to him seriously and tell him how much it bothers you. Tell him that he needs to get a better attitude or risk losing you. If he continues on the way he's going, he might start physically hurting you, so do be careful

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    since you have talked to him about it already and he sez that he dont relize thats hes doing it i would take a tape recorder and let him listen to hes self and that way he will know what he sounds like when hes yelling at you so maybe we will understand how much it hurts and talk about how to change hes ways...

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    Let him know how your feeling and ask him why he has to be that way. Maybe its something that happened in the past that he hasnt let go.

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    easy way...break up look for another one

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