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What can be done to help innocent people whose lives get ruined due to immaturity?

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    Sometimes you just have to let them learn and guide them. Be supportive but do not be an enabler like paying bills, giving money. If they can learn early to not depend on others they will be better in the long run. Of course I am not speaking about emotional support, that should always be given. Good luck

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    Immaturity? Well, they learn their lesson and try to make it through. What about the people who's lives get ruined because of medical expenses that cant be helped? Im 24, my credit has been screwed due to cancer treatment. I cant buy a car, pass a rental credit check much less buy a house. I cant even pass most employer credit checks. I dont qualify for credit of any type for anything. What am I supposed to do?

    I dont see anybody asking how they can help me or others like me even though we have tried very hard to be responsible. Why should I go out of my way to help someone who was being immature and unresponsible?

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    Like Britney Spears?

    Probably nothing can be done, because of their immaturity they will not accept wise counsel and will insist on living their own lives, in their own way.

    Sadly, these are often the same people twenty years down the road who blame others for not helping them when they were younger ::sigh::

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    That's a pretty general question. I suppose deal with the problem at hand. I'd really need to know more specific details in order to be able to answer this question better.

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    expect and encourage them to figure out how to get from where they are to where they want to be. we all find ourselves in unfortunate situations that make us ask, 'how in the hell did i get here??!!" those of us who've rolled up our sleeves and done the work to change the situation are most satisfied with life.

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