Does anyone think it would be at all awkward for my dad to come to most of my childbirth classes with me?

I'm a 18 year women expecting my FIRST CHILD in the beginning of March. In my life right now i'm trying to finalize my divorce, and just moved back home with only my dad though because my parents also just got divorced this year. So this is where the question comes in, since i live 3 1/2 hours from my best girlfriend, and also the man who wants to be the father of my child, and winter driving through mountain passes are rough and also my mom lives in Washington DC and i have no other female relatives within states of me. My number of people i'd want to take to my class are dad and i are close but i'm not to sure what these classes are going to be like...most people do them with partners, Right? Just need some feedback please : )

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    Go for it!!! You are his daughter he was there when you came into this world for god's sake. Only someone who has a sick mind would think something abnormal about this. You need to take someone right???? Maybe this is a way to involve dad and let him feel important. When I had my kids i did not let my dad in the birthing room but I would have gladly taken him to some lamaze classes or birthing classes for some extra support. If you feel comfortable with it then it is ultimately up to you and no one else. Good Luck to you!!!!!!

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    Although I think it is very sweet you are considering your father as a birthing coach.

    I would recommend you find a female neighbor to accompany you also. This way if he or you become embarrassed about some of the classes, the other coach can step in and you still have someone to help.

    The birthing classes get a little detailed about female reproductive parts and the birthing process.

    Also,during the coaching class a lot of touching is encouraged. This may cause some embarrassment to your father.

    I have Friends who asked other female friends to attend the classes as well as male friends.

    But fathers~~

    Good luck.

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    sweet heart what are you doing getting divorced at the tender age of 18. If your dad feel OK going in with you then he should go, as he will a major figure in this babies life by the sounds of it. There is nothing wrong with grandparents being in the labour room with you even if it is your dad just remember he will be a great grandparent after watching the new life come into the world, it is a very moving moment for a grandparent if its the first or 15th grandchild being born, I say go for it granddad

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    If you do go to these classes with your dad, don't be surprised at first if people think he is father of the baby....but who cares.

    That's awesome if your dad could be there for you.

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    don't do it

    i think it will be extremely akward...even though you guys are close

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