What is the procedure to find how many miles to the gallon a vehicle gets??

We have a 2002 Ford Explorer and I need to know as soon as possible how I find out how many miles to the gallons it gets. Thanks for answering!

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    First, fill your tank up to the first click on pump. Write down your mileage. Drive it for a few days. Then go fill tank again to first click on gas pump again. Write down your mileage then, and how many gallons you put in your tank. Then subtract how many miles you went. ( your new mileage from the old mileage) Then with a calculator divide miles that you went by the gallons you put in your tank. This will tell you a roughly how many miles you get to the gallon. Hope this helps.

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    If you want to know the actual MPG that your SUV gets, then fill the gas tank until the gas pump quits by itself. Then reset the trip mileage and drive the truck until you are low on gas. When you refill the tank, once again fill it until the pump automatically shuts off. Make a note of the gallons of gas that you have put in the tank. Take a reading of the mileage on the trip odometer. Divide the mileage by the number of gallons and that will give you the actual gas mileage that you are getting.

    good luck.

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    Fill up your tank.. and set your 'trip' odometer to '0'. If you don't have one... u should....then drive until it is needing refueling...usually down to a quarter of a tank then fill it completely again. Then check the mileage on the 'trip' odometer and divide that amount by the number of gallons you replaced filling it the second time.

    If u don't have a 'trip' odometer, write down the standard odometer's reading... then subtract it from the reading you get when you fill it up the 2nd time.

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    If you need to know immediately here's the EPA estimate's. These new 2008 ratings are very close to actual mileage...assuming the car is running well.

    We have revised the 1985-2007 MPG estimates to make them comparable to the new 2008 MPG estimates!

    Fuel Type Gasoline

    MPG (city) 14

    MPG (highway) 19

    MPG (combined) 16

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    the simplest way without all the math is to drive till you run out of gas, then put one gallon in it and remember to trip your odometer. drive till you run out again and just read your odometer.

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