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How do I connect an 80GB i-Pod to a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE with 6CD changer and Bose system?

I want to make sure it works with the car's stereo system....Is there an interface or kit with installation instructions?....Does anyone have any experience with it??....How does the i-Pod kit work with FM tuner??? ...Where is the best place to buy that kit???...Thanks

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    Theres a couple of ways:

    1. FM Tuner: This is a device that transmits the sound through the airwaves by FM signals. You simply hook it up, set the frequency (aka. 98.1, 107.7, 88.1, etc, etc) , tune your radio on your existing car stereo to the same channel, and the sound outputs thru your radio. This is convient because it requires no wiring, BUT the quality of the signal is low, and static is common along with the fact that you must control it from your iPod and not your stereo, which can be dangerous while driving.. You can buy them at Best Buy, Circuit City, The Apple Store, Radio Shack, and just about any other store that sells electronics or iPods.

    2. Auxilary input: I dont know if pathfinders have one, but some cars do, including honda's, fords, and chevys. Its a small input jack in the front or rear of your radio that simply plugs into the headphone jack like the FM transmitter. Its wired so the sound quality is much better though. The disadvantage to this is that its wired so it has limited movement, and you STILL have to control it from your iPod and not your radio, which again, can be dangerous.

    3. iPod Full Speed/Direct: This is the best method. Some headunits (mostly aftermarket) have a feature called iPod fullspeed, or iPod direct. This allows you to plug in a full speed cable, like the one you use to charge and sync your iPod from your computer, into your iPod from the safety of your glovebox, and then browse and scan through it from your headunit. Its wired so it has limited movement, but doesnt need to be moved thanks to the conveince of remote control from the headunit. It also charges your iPod while you drive unlike the other 2 methods, so its ready to be used after your leave your car. And most gloveboxes can be locked, so you can keep it safe. The only problem is that its rare to find this connection stock on vehicles, and replacing the headunit can be expensive (100-1200 dollars, depending on features ((LCD screen, XM, etc.)) ) You can but iPod full speed headunits at electronics and car audio stores, like the ones listed above.

    The best choice if you have the money is the Fullspeed, thats what i use in my car, and its nice to be able to control it from my headunit. But its the most expenisve. Some FM transmitters can cost up to 100 dollars or as little as 30, while the AUX input (if equipped) can cost as little as 5 for a small cable.

    PS. i looked into your car and couldnt find an interface kit for your specific vehicle, so I assume you'll need to replace the headunit for a fullspeed connection. Good luck, and enjoy your iPod.

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    radio tuner or input jack

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    don't know

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