What are these bites?

So I put these jeans on this morning that have been in my closet for quite sometime...at the end of the day I took them off and got in the shower only to find a bunch (27 to be exact) of little tiny pimple looking bites on my rear. A few on my chin. A couple on my thigh. WHAT ARE THEY? They are little red bumps with a little white puss like head right on top. That I popped. Does anyone have a clue? And yes I know...I should go to the doctor. But Ill be fine. Im just curious on to what this is.

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  • whtevr
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    1 decade ago
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    uhhh clean ur closet out....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    something in your closet got into your jeans, perhaps fleas or mites or those silvery flying insects (can't remember what they are called) ....

    try getting some cedar blocks to put in your closet and airing it out a bit

    Source(s): happened to me once
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