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Thin eyebrows- do the brow powders really work?

I've got really thin ones and was debating on whether to start the powder- i reallyy dont want to use the pencil on my eyebrows, so this is my alternative -

Also, what brands?

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    Good choice. Unless you know what youre doing, pencils are bad news. Brow powders work great. Revlon has a good one and so does Almay.

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  • Mary
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    Using an eyebrow powder is the most important thing to me when applying makeup. The pencil looks very unnatural usually. Try Brow Zings by Benefit.

    its about $30 but absolutely worth it.

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    I agree with Hotmamma that pencils are bad news if you don't know what you're doing; it often does not look natural! Take it from someone who tried on many ocassions before!

    Powder is the way to go!

  • Misviv
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    Brow powder works but it doesn't stick on for long. I agree with the rest that it's alot easier to use. Just make you don;t apply too much otherwise your brows will look fake.

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    yeah the powder works, i dont use it or need it, but ive messed around to see if it works and it does, just dont use too much to where its noticeable

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    use a pencil and lightly smudge them

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