Plz. help I have a problem with my high definition audio driver?

After I formatted my PC, I have installed all the drivers but the audio driver ...

My motherboard is Gigabyte,

I have the CD for the product,

all the drivers was installed properly and working well, but the audio device is not there!

I go to the Device Manager, and I see that in the "sound,video and game controllers", the high definition audio controller is marked with 'yellow question mark' ...

I try to delete it and reinstall it, but I can't (messages says it may be needed to reboot)

I try to reinstall it from the CD but a message appear too ( installation failure ) ...

Any suggestions are HIGHLY appreciated

Plz help me out

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try a reinstall again.

    Go to Device Manager > Sound/Audio Devices > Properties > Click on the Driver tab > Uninstall > Reboot. (ignore the warning messages)

    After reboot insert the Device's CD and follow the install instructions/prompts on the screen. (ignore the Found New Hardware Wizard. If it pops up just close it - you're using the CD, obviously)

    If that doesn't work go to the manufacturers website to see if there's an updated driver available. (you can also do a google search for the newest driver release)

    If you have all the hardware installed correctly you should have no problems... UNLESS... you're running VISTA and your device isn't compatible. (a lot of software developers are still working on updates to make their products vista compatible)


    When troubleshooting a computer problem, many times a lot of back & forth dialog is necessary. I'd recommend that you go to a site that's dedicated to IT Support if you don't get the answers you need here. There's many out there, but one of my favorites is Virtual Dr. Here's the forum page:

    The staff, and many members, are certified techs, very knowledgeable and very friendly.


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