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what were the causes in the 2005 riots in France?

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    Principally, high unemployment and a sense of hopelessness in the banlieues - but the trigger was the accidental electrocution of two young men as they ran into a high voltage compartment of a power generator as they were being chased by the police. Conspiracy theorists accused the policemen involve of killing the men by forcing them into the cabin (which was nonsense).

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    One must not forget the word IMMIGRATION

    i'm not talking about chinese immigrants who do well, but rather about arabs and north africans who generally do not integrate well in the French society. There are far too many, they are often delinquant and or unemployed.

    Then you have some minor incident that triggers these riots (like this moto that ran into the police car's path), but soon riots will start by themselves, the furute of France looks grim

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