I need some advice.......... Please Help!!!!!!!?

OK I'm 18 ,Ive never been kissed, Still avirgin And the last guy that i actualy went out with was when i was 13.

To get to the point..... There is a guy that i work with that i like and i think he likes me too but he is 21 And has alot of xperience ( if you know what i mean) So what should i do ???????????

I mean if he asks me out should i say yes or no

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is nothing wrong with dating this guy. Just be careful that he does not give you one of the typical lines to get you in bed:

    I think I love you. I have never felt this way about anyone else. You are the type girl I want to marry., etc...

    Just go out, have a good time, and don't jump into the sack with him for at least a couple of months. If he sticks around that long, then you will know that he is not just in it for the sex. And always use condoms AND birth control!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Ok.. I lost my virginity at 18.. So its no big deal.. being a virgin is not a big deal.. My friend is a freshman in college nd still a virgin..anbd people think she is a whore!

    anyway... If he asks u out... say yes only if you want to.. Having experience really doesnt mean anything UNLESS he tries to force you to do something you dont want to do ... I had an xboyfriend push sex a lot and i didnt like it... And if he cant deal with the fact that you are a virgin.. then he isnt worth it..

    Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    You should say yes, but clarify with him that you aren't as experienced as he is, and would like to take the relationship slow.

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