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So what do i get my 13 yr old girlfriend for Christmas?

Im 14 i can only afford something up do like 5 dollars.

i Gotta get it by tommoro becuz shes leaving friday so i gotta get it to her on friday

any suggestions?

shud i make something or buy something

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    lip gloss?? or nail polish??

    Or..... maybe get a photo frame n put a pic of you and her in it!!

    N if u have money left over.... get a tiny lil teddy or something??

    A cushion.....saying "I love you" or with her name on it or something???

    Think of personalised things......!!

    Best Of Luck!! :)

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    If you're serious about your relationship, you can always try making a card for her. With things and notes inside such as "I love you very much," and "Merry Christmas!". Home-made gifts are always the most meaningful.

    With the remaining money, I guess you could buy her some candy. If you present her something such as a mirror, lipstick, or anything, she might get a bad idea if you know what I mean!

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    a five dollar gift certificate to the 99 cents only store.

    what are you doing with a girlfriend at 14 anyway?

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    You can get her Candy and a teddy bear... but I'm sure you have more than $5, i mean, C'mon.

    Video games cost like $50 each

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    A pretty lip gloss or a scented lotion. Inexpensive but will appeal to her girly side.

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    maybe just write her a poem or make her something like a picture frame with you and her in it. simple things can make a person happy too.

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    Maybe a very nice card and some candy!!

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    find a dolllar store and you get her some lip gloss and my something stautue that is breakable.

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    get her a pack of gum

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