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When I install a new processor into my computer what would I have to do if my motherboard doesn't recognize it

my comp has a 3.46 Ghz Celeron D using 775 socket, and has a 800 Mhz FSB. I am upgrading to an inter Core 2 duo, E4500 2.2 Ghz, running at 800 Mhz FSB.( )

according to this site:

my computer ( an SR5010NX) will be able to upgrade to this processor. I just want to know what I will have to do if my BIOS doesnt recognize it... thanks for any help! this is my first time replacing a processor.

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    IF it doesn't regognise a proxessor that the manufcacturer states it will work with (HP) then you CALL HP and complain loudly.

    THEY can then advice if it needs BIOS update or whatever.

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    Why would you want to do this swap. There will not be enough performance increase to be worth the swap.

    In fact I think it will be a performance downgrade. The difference between the Celeron D and the standard Dual core is level 2 cashe. going from 3.46 GHz down to 2,2 GHz is too far apart to be of value.

    Now let's look at the board its self. The board is a cheap ECS with very little room for future expansion.

    I can go on from here but why bother. Keep the PC as it is and save your money to have one custom built.

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    If it says you are able to to upgrade to that processor, then there should not be a problem of having it not being read. If it doesn't read it to its full capacity you can always flash that BIOS you are using so that it will read the full capacity of the processor.

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