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Tailor Made or Budda?

Who do you think New York will pick?

My guess..



But I really wanted Punk to win, although..she doesn't deserve him. And I would feel bad if he had to have a CRAZY *** mother-in-law like her mom.

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    I absolutely agree with you about Punk, I felt so bad for him, he is better off though.

    She lives for the drama and he was way too good for her.

    I think the last guys are both lousy choices, Tailor Made is shiney, whiney and gross.

    She only likes him bc he is a wuss and listens to her, not to mention the gifts.

    Buddah is fake. I used to like him but I think he is playing with her for his own agenda.

    She will probably pick him

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    At first I wanted her to pick PUNK, but then I realized that he deserves better than her. He deserves a real woman who is respectful and kind. Between Tailor Made and Buddha I hope she picks Tailor Made. He actually likes her and tells her that all the time. I don't think I ever heard Buddha tell her he loves her. Buddha is just there for 15 minutes of fame. I hope there isn't another season. TAILOR MADE ALL THE WAY!!!

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    Well... She likes Budda because he's willing to fight her, but I think there's a chemistry going on between Tailor Made and her that she's not going to ignore - plus he's willing to shell out the big bucks for her!!

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    Neither. She should have kept Punk and gotten rid of Budda. He's a loser that only wants to be on tv. At least Punk was nice and a gentleman.

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  • Anonymous
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    Tailor Made,Buddha is just to arrogant it shouldve been Punk because he is like between Tailor and Buddha but since he is gone I got to say Tailor

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    I hope tailor made but then not really bcuz new york is a gold digger and she will use him. budda is crazy.

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    I like budda, he is so hot. Tailor made is too much of a wimp and a loser.

  • ARM
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    Rumor is: She is pregnant by Buddha but she chooses Tailor Made. What ever VH1 paid her they got their monies worth. You couldn't write sht that good.

    Personally, I think the real winners were kicked off the show a long time ago.

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    I think she'll pick Tailor Made. As I said somewhere else, he loves throwing his money around and she is materialistic. They're made for each other.

    Buddha is just crazy.

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    id say budda cuz she isnt that smart for keeping him, she should have chose punk

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