I am charcoaling a portrait of a girl, and she asked to pay me for it. How much should I suggest?

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    This is a question I struggled with as well, and what you charge will vary depending on 4 things: (1) How well you know her. (2) The quality of your work and cost of your supplies. (3) The time you devoted to creating the portrait. (4) The area you live in.

    If this is a business situation, and not for a friend, you obviously want to get enough to cover your time. If it is a friend, do it for free, or if she really wants to pay you ask for a small amount, like $5.00. Make sure she lets others know about your work.

    I am a graphite portrait artist, and I did some research on the Internet to see what the going rates for portraits were. Most sell 8x10 or 9x12 portraits for between 50 and 110 dollars, depending on the skill and notability of the artist, and the quality of the paper. Prices for larger paper sizes go up from there.

    If you plan to draw portraits, you may need to come up with a price list. You will need to take into consideration the time it will take you, how much the supplies you use will cost, and how much the going rate is locally. You don't want to start too high and scare away all your business, but be sure and get enough to cover your time. As you become more well known, and business is more prevalent, you can always raise your prices.

    Source(s): I am a portrait artist. http://www.pencilsandpixelsart.com/
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    I have wondered the same thing. I am asked to do things like that for a price but I am never sure how much to charge. If your drawing is very detailed and bigger than an 8"x10" I would think that you should charge $20.00 to $50.00. Also, it would depend on how well you can draw. I hope this helps and I am interested to know what others say about your question.

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    I think if you ask someone on a date you have to be prepared to pay. It may happen that you get to the venue and you go into negotiations, (he suggests paying for his (and maybe even your) ticket, or the other person gets the popcorn). Just be open to it all and make sure that if you do pay and you go out again, that he returns the favour.

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    charge per hour. because non of us know how large the portrait is, or how much detail there is. but usually a per hour rate will be fair in most situations.

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    Tell her she can have the Portrait for FREE- on the CONDITION she gives everyone who asks her who did it- your name & number (but NOT that you did it for nothing!). If you're THAT GOOD an Artist, you won't be able to BUY better advertizing- than that girl will give you! :)

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    Charge per the portrait. No less than $25.00.

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    If she is your friend give it to her for free.

    If she is an acquaintance you would like to have as a friend, give it to her for free.

    If she will never be more than an acquaintance, ask for $20- $80

    If you dislike her ask for $150.

    If you really hate her, draw the picture uglier and give it to her for free.

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    You can get them done at the markets for about $15

    Unless it's some sort of special picture that would be about right.

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    at least 20 dollars an hour

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    You could ask her to give you what she thinks it's worth if you're uncomforable naming a price.

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